We enable hospitals and practices to run like clockwork.

We help to manage receptionists’ workflows by efficiently processing

appointment requests, significantly reducing time on the phone and filling the

calendar with automated bookings.

We supercharge and streamline the appointment booking process.

Virtual Assistant

Leverages off existing communication platforms like WhatsApp or Alexa to book or reschedule an appointment. No new app for patient to download

Two-Way Communication

Communication is bi-directional and as in the case of screenings/ vaccinations, can be initiated by the GP/Health system. This also enables patients to easily book or
reschedule appointments

Predictive & Proactive

AI is applied to predict Did Not Attend’s (DNAs), providing clinic staff with actionable insights as to which patients are at a high risk of no show. The human receptionist can then apply their own judgement and reach out to the most at risk patients that require further assistance to attend appointments

Simple Integration

Cloud based solution that integrates into a GP/Hospital’s PMS via API

Enabling a better model of healthcare

Real-time analytics

Receptionists, GPs, and consultants are kept up to speed with patients’ movements, so they can better plan their time and resources – for the day and for the future.

  • Tracks non-attendance
  • Increases booking efficiency
  • Records how much revenue Asa has saved you
  • Captures invite, uptake and coverage rates data

A more personable approach

Personalised Engagement

With Conversational AI, patients experience consistent, one-to-one communication and updates to ensure their health is always in their hands.

  • Alerts you to patients likely to miss appointments
  • Enables staff to prioritise vulnerable patients
  • Pre-appointment – Answer questions to alleviate patient concerns as well as ensure patients follow the correct pre-appointment instructions

We are cancelling missed appointments,
to enable a truly efficient and effective healthcare system.